23. northern california. knitting. reading. hip hop head + scholar. lover of animals, cereal and chain smoking. i don't party since 11-4-10. i live for mi familia and star wars. proud daughter of a mexican immigrant and the mother who loves him. oh, and my name is sarah-paloma. you can call me sarah or lita. may peace be with you.


Snoqualmie River by Jared Atkins on Flickr.

I hope she tastes
like all the words
you never could
pull out of me.

i hope it’s beautiful, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)


I really want this right now 😔


They’re encouraging him or making fun of him, either way I love it

Cutest thing ever !

"He likes to hold his own feet." -110110
Oh, the days are long and the nights are longer. Sweet Moon,  guide me home to the light house. #hello #meep #blurg
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Kiki! 3 months!

That sick part of me

That just wants to know that you will love me “If,” “even though,” “in spite of the act that,” and then I just want to tell you all that’s troubled me. And have you understand that I’m healing, yet there’s still that part of me that’s damaged. I also want it to scare you away because you’re so fucking normal. You deserve a woman who doesn’t have ribbons of past anger lining her arms. Or old rehab admissions photos that she looks at to remember where she came from. My past is important to me. It is because if it weren’t for it, who would I be now? You don’t have a past. Only a future. And I don’t know if I can hang.

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©Daniel Naudé, Group of Ankole cattle. Kiruhura district, Western Region, Uganda, 2012