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A little early for Cesar Chavez day, pero fuck it. 


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Tin Tán, María Felix, Sara García, Silvia Pinal, Pedro Infante y Chachita aerografía original de  Fernando Pazo.

Paredes de Toxico Tattoo en Celaya, Guanajuato.

Y unos sketches de pilón :3

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A Palestinian boy defies the Israeli forces on friday after they prevented him from praying in Al-Aqsa Mosque so he prayed in front of them on the asphalt.

طفل فلسطيني يغيظ جنود الإحتلال ويصلي أمامهم على الإسفلت بعد أن قاموا بمنعه من الصلاة داخل المسجد الأقصى 

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David and Lana Fechter, who run a wildlife reserve on their West Bend property, took in the male cubs from a Chicago zoo. 

And while they are small and adorably cute, the couple say the nine-week-old Siberian bear cubs are keeping them on their toes.

Eventually they will be relocated to the Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary in a natural environment. Photo credit Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary via Mail Online

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